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Daikin SkyFi Control – BRP15A61


Supply Only Delivery Available - Usually 24 hours from order

Installation Available - Usually 48-76 hours from order split system, Ducted system usually 1 Week


Currently on backorder with Daikin, they have a material shortage from one of their suppliers and there is no estimated dates for these to be released as yet.

Daikin SkyFi Control

Make your smartphone your control hub for your Daikin air conditioning system. Forgot to set the timer on your air conditioning system this morning? No problem, with Daikin Skyfi you can control your Daikin ducted air conditioner from anywhere, anytime via your iOS device.

Zone Control

If your heat pump is fitted with a Daikin Zone Controller, the Daikin Wi-Fi Controller automatically detects and displays your zones, so you can easily monitor and control each zone with a single tap.

Depending on your model of air conditioner, indoor and outdoor temperature is also displayed on the app.

The BRP15A61 SKYFi Interface can be fitted to all new Daikin Ducted air conditioners at the time of installation.Installation charges may apply contact us for details.

All Daikin Ducted heat pumps manufactured since 2003 are potentially Wi-Fi capable with the addition of Daikin’s BRP15A61 SKYFi Interface.Note: Daikin’s Remote Control communications protocol supports a maximum of two controllers: As the Daikin SKYFi control interface is recognised as controller it cannot be installed on an existing system that already has two remote controllers attached (eg one downstairs and one upstairs).

How To Connect

In order to use the Daikin SKYFi controller, a SKYFi Interface card must be fitted to your air conditioner.

Once fitted, the Daikin SKYFi interface gives you three ways to connect:

The Daikin SKYFi app is available for download, free from the iTunes store (iOS devices) or from Google Play (Android devices), simply download and install as you would any other app.

Direct Connection

If you don’t have a home Wi-Fi network, Daikin SKYFi will act as a Wi-Fi Access Point, so you can connect a single smartphone or tablet directly to your heat pump when in range within your home.

Wi-Fi Connection

If you have a home or local Wi-Fi network, your Daikin SKYFi enabled air conditioner can be easily joined to your network by entering your network credentials in the SKYFi app.

Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can control your air conditioner from any networked Android or iOS device.

Remote Access

If your Wi-Fi network has a permanent internet connection then you can control your air conditioner from anywhere your smartphone or tablet can connect to the Internet.

Available free, with no subscription costs from Daikin, SKYFi’s Remote Access means you can monitor and control your air conditioner from virtually anywhere, turning it on and off, or adjusting your in-home temperature settings, for a comfortable environment ready for when you arrive home.

With remote access, SKYFi also receives the latest SKYFi system updates automatically, so you’ll always have access to the latest features as they’re released.

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